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Why is it worth installing solar panels?

A significant proportion of the current expenses related to buildings, detached houses are made up by energy costs. The installation of solar panels is a long term investment to minimize household energy costs, or in the best of cases to eliminate those expenses once and for all.   Payback time depends on a number of factors, but on average it is considered to be 6 to 8 years, meaning that after this period net yield is produced.
Furthermore the number of sunny hours is rather elevated in Hungary (1900 to 2200 hours/year), the country’s solar exposure features are more advantageous than in the neighboring Austria. 

What is the difference between a Grid Tie System and an Island System?

The Grid Tie System is a household size power plant tied into the electric power circuit. After the system is installed the service provider will install a two-way meter that records both power produced and consumed in kWh.  

We suggest building an Island System in areas where it isn’t possible to tie the system into a grid, because there’s no electric power grid in the neighborhood or it would be extremely costly to build up one. Electric energy produced by the Island System may be used immediately or stored in batteries.    

What does feeding back electricity mean? 

Sunlight, solar power is directly converted into electricity by solar panel PV systems. The energy produced can naturally be entirely used. In the event that we produce more electricity than we actually consume, there is a chance that the energy supplier will buy it from us. In this case a two-way meter is installed that records both energy consumed and produced. The service provider (supplier) will reimburse you for the difference. 

What is the life span of solar cells? What kind of warranty is offered?

The average lifetime of solar cells is about 30 years. This is also proven by the fact that leading manufacturers provide 25 years’ warranty on their products, assuming that the device is capable of delivering at least 80% of its nominal performance by then.    

How much energy is produced by a solar panel system annually?

There are a number of factors influencing the performance of photovoltaic systems. As a first step our company provides you a full-scale on-site consultation, a survey of the endowments of your property to calculate the amount of energy the application of a solar panel system would produce.  

What do you need to pay attention to when buying solar panels?

It is important to note that if you want to install solar panels you must proceed carefully both with regard to price and producers. In many cases only the price of the device is indicated and clients just discover that a lot more costs are incurred, e.g. for the installation and grid connection when the installation starts. On the basis of on-site assessment our company provides the customer a fair, transparent offer, clearly indicating all the possibly arising costs.   

In addition it is important to know how trustworthy the manufacturer whose devices are built in is. We can check if the company still exists or if we buy a device on stock that was produced some time ago by a non-existent producer. In the latter case a lot of problems might arise related to warranty.  The three manufacturers whose products are sold by us are among the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers. So there’s no risk for the customer to be unable to enforce warranty.

In what other ways can we assist you?

There is no building permit required when building solar panel systems; still it is good to know that there are a few rules to be observed.  For example it is worthwhile knowing what accounting period to install the system in, or to be aware that in case of a surplus energy production various tax issues may arise.   We will naturally assist you with all the arising issues, providing accurate information, in accordance with the law.

We undertake to build complete systems, but we also sell solar panels on demand. Solar panels sold by us are bought directly from the manufacturer, so there aren’t any intercalary dealers or distributors.

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